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The concept of a new school: reform that everyone loves

Analysis of the new concept for Ukrainian schools, conducted using Semantrum system, shows a positive assessment in the media and social networks

devIn the modern history of Ukraine, positive assessment of a reform is an exceptional case. And this case happened with concept of new Ukrainian school, which in August was presented by the Minister of Education Lilia Hrynevich. As evidenced by media analysis of TV programs, radio news, publications in the press, online media and social networks, results for august evaluated by Semantrum System. Monitoring was done based on 10000 various informational resources.

Results show that majority of publications about concept of new school are marked as positive: 66% of positive publications, 24% of neutral (information without evident sentiment mark), and only 10% – negative.

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It is interesting that sentiment analyses has shown identical results about “concept of new school” between media resources and users in social media.

The majority of positive publications in respect to «concept of new school” were print publications, which mostly didn’t have negative sentimetns referring to education reform.

Semantrum allows analyzing frequently mentioned individuals in media, in the messages related to educational reform.

Media ranking of individuals in area of Education, August results:

Lily Grinevich – Minister of Education (109)
Paul Hozbey – Deputy Minister of Education (55)
Alexander Spivakovsky – First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education and Science (26)
Bakhrushin Vladimir – chief expert of group “Osvita” the intensive care reform package (23)
Stepan Stepan Kubiv – First Deputy Prime Minister (19)
Ivanna Kobernik – public project coordinator for the unloading of primary school programs (16)
Alex Mulyarenko – Chairman of the Rivne Regional State Administration (16)
Vadim Kalinin – Head of Department of Education and Science of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration (10)
Inna Sovsun – former First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (9)
Anna Starostenko – Deputy Chairman of Kyiv City State Administration (9)

A reminder that in august legal documents regarding reforms in elementary schools were released, and that information has mostly positive reaction in media and social networks.