During the period 29 August – 4 September the number of messages about Ukrainian mayors in Ukrainian media was less than on previous week: 3568 against 4024 messages. This was discovered using online system Semantrum by monitoring Ukrainian television, radio, print media, online media, and social networks. Weekly rankings include TOP 5 mayors from regional centers categorized by the number of mentions in the media.

“Collapse” in the number of mentions was only related to mayor of Kiev Vitaliy Klitschko, while mayors of other cities indicated a positive trend in the number of mentions. At the same time position in the ranking have not changed comparing to the past week: first place Vitali Klitschko (Kiev), second – Gennady Kernes (Kharkov), third – Gennady Truhanov (Odessa), fourth – Andriy Sadovy (L’vov), fifth – Boris Filatov (Dnipro).

List of major topics in media last week, related to mayors:

Vitaliy Klichko:

  • Klitschko inspected the renovated subway station “Vokzalnaya”
  • Vitali Klitschko outraged about the delayed decision about which city will host the “Eurovision-2017”. In the blog, he wrote, “everything is being done to make sure that capital city will not be hosting the song contest
  • Klitschko surprised citizens by acting as part of the team of athletes in Street Workout. Mayor showed his torso and wore a mask during the performance
  • Klitschko presented awards and insignia to Olympians residing in Kyiv, who won medals at the Rio Olympic Games and their coaches, and noted that they will receive apartments, land and cash prizes from the city authorities
  • On Rusanivsky channel second stage of fountains with light and music was launched, Klitschko promised to launch all 12 fountains next spring
  • During the opening of a kindergarten in Pechersk Klitschko said that funding of education was increased in half in the current year compared to last year

Gennady Kernes:

  • Court hearing was not held on August 29 due to deteriorating Kernes‘s health. Lawyers said that he should do an emergency surgery in Israel
  • In Kharkov first-graders received ABC-books with agitation for Mayor Kernes, which in the media was called “ABC Kernes”, and social networks – “Agepka”, which consists of 16 letters, where each letter starts with a phrase by Kernes or event associated with him
  • Media recollects Kernes, after Igor Rainin was appointed as Head of Kharkiv
  • Eighths session of the Kharkiv City Council VII convocation was set to take place on September 14
  • Kernes’s wife published holiday pictures in Instagram

Gennady Truhanov:

  • Gennady Truhanov said that the Eurovision-2017 should take place in Odessa, because Odessa is ahead of other cities in almost all positions, “Availability of site, infrastructure, millions of tourists, the status of cultural and tourist capital – all this suggests that the Eurovision-2017 should take place only in Odessa!”
  • Odessa’s “Self-defense” gave an ultimatum to the mayor of Odessa Gennady Truhanov, one of the requirement is to dismiss vicemayor Oles Yanchuk
  • Truhanov intends to make life easier for people with allergies by eliminating ambrosia plants within the city
  • Trukhanov Participated in the preparation and conduction for the City Day in Odessa
  • Dispelled “AntiTruhanov Maidan” in Duma square near the City Hall

Andrei Sadovyi:

  • “Self-help” organization by Andrew Sadovyi would have taken the second place, if parliamentary elections were held in August. Sadovyi himself would be on fifth place among the contenders for the presidency. These are the results of a survey conducted in August by Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Forecasting
  • In Lviv transporters went on strike. Sadovyi said that people have a right for their position, asked to be tolerant toward drivers and instructed the Social Security Management to explore the possibility of creating a single beneficiary cards, for example as “Townsman’s card Lviv”

Boris Filatov:

  • Mayor of Dnipro Boris Filatov speaks about withdrawing from the Party “Ukrop”
  • Wave of mentions that Filatov is related to lawsuit on the illegality of renaming city Dnipropetrovsk
  • Filatov speakes in favor of holding Eurovision-2017 in Dnipro
  • Filatov mentioned in relation to first of September and the preparation for the City Day.

Media rating created using Semantrum system. Monitoring included information from Ukrainian TV channels, radio, central and regional print media, online media and social networks. Weekly rating. Details of the analyzed content present in the media statement.