Union “Self-Reliance” received in August the biggest index (1.8) of media loyalty, the smallest index got “Radical Party” of Oleh Lyashko (0.35). This has become evident due to the analysis of TV and radio messages, printed and electronic media, as well as social networks. The analysis was carried out using the data of the Semantrum system. The tone of publications concerning the political parties that are members of Verkhovna Rada was taken into consideration.

In general, the number of publications in negative tone was bigger than that made in a positive manner. Index of media loyalty which is counted as a proportion of positive news to negative equaled in August 0.76. It should be taken into account, that the number of analyzed news publications equals 24660, omitting those made in social networks.

Distribution of August index of media loyalty to the parties of the Parliament:


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Media analysis filtered by the types of media revealed that the most loyal in August were TV and printed media, while users of social networks were the harshest when criticizing political parties.

Index of media loyalty was counted with the help of the Semantrum system. Analyzed media embrace Ukrainian TV and radio channels, central and regional papers, electronic media, as well as social networks.