Among parliamentary deputies, there are 3 of them that enjoy the most attention of the media. They are the speaker of the Parliament – Andriy Parubiy, and members of parliamentary parties – Yulia Tymoshenko and Oleg Liashko.

Occasionally amongst top-3 most popular politician find themselves some other deputies as Nadiya Savchenko and Serhiy Leshchenko. However, as soon as the hype around this or that occasion calms down, the rating becomes even again.

This is evident from the media analysis carried out with the help of Semantrum online system. The main sources of data for this include TV and radio, publications in regional and central newspapers, internet media and posts in social networks.

According to the results of the analysis, in the media rating of the leaders of two parliamentary parties – Yulia Tymoshenko and Oleg Liashko – during the last 30 days (9 Aug. – 8 Sep.) Yulia Tymoshenko was the one who enjoyed more media attention (55% of all publications, in which Tymoshenko and/or Liashko were mentioned).

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Media paid much attention to the results of sociological research in which Tymoshenko appeared to be the leader of the questioning “what if new presidential elections were held the next Sunday?” Also, her commentary about Savchenko “who needs to learn a lot” was well perceived by media. Traditionally, news about Tymoshenko’s ‘redesign’ and her kiss with her colleague grasped much of media attention.

Oleg Liashko (45% of all publications concerning media rating Liashko-Tymoshenko) stuck in the memory for his level of people’s trust that equals to that one of Tymoshenko – 21%. As a candidate for the presidential seat, he got  the position. Actively discussed was his witty commentary concerning Leshchenko’s new flat and his own VIP apartment. Well perceived was news about his promise to declare all of his ‘socks and pieces of underwear’, and his photo in FC Shakhtar T-shirt.

The analysis of the most active media resources that mention Liashko or Tymoshenko shows, that the ex-Prime Minister is more frequently mentioned at such websites as Anticor, Kompromat1, Ukrinform, DneprCity, RIA News, KraiinaUA. Liashko, on the other hand, gets more attention on the following websites: Politico, Radical Party web-site, Depo, Press of Ukraine, Anticor, Kharkiv News Agency.

If we are to talk about TV and printed media, then it should be cleared out, that Liashko is more popular there than Tymoshenko. It should also be stated that Tymoshenko was more frequently mentioned at Era Channel and 1+1, as for printed sources – “Voice of Ukraine” and “Komsomolskay Pravda in Ukraine.” As for the leader of Radical Party, he got more attention at such channels as “TRC Ukraine”, “NewsOne”, “112 Channel”, he was more frequently written about in “Voice of Ukraine” and “Ukraina Moloda”.

Media analysis is provided by the system Semantrum, in which TV, radio, printed and electronic media are analyzed.