Since 2.30 pm, 6.09, the information space in Ukrainian media and social networks has been captured by the news about People’s Deputy, Sergii Leshchenko, who has recently purchased a flat in Kyiv’s city centre. Journalist, Andrii Dzindzia, was the one who provoked this whole scandal, by posting at his Facebook page a message with an attached photo of a page from State Registry. It could be seen there that on 24th of August, the Independence Day of Ukraine, Leshchenko bought a flat with 192 square meters of living space.

The content analysis of period 6-12 September conducted with the help of Semantrum-system made it possible to find out that there were 5133 messages related to this topic in TV and radio news programs, printed and internet media, and social networks. This issue received a top interest on 7 September, with significant 1664 messages referring to it. Every day since then, the scandal has been losing its interest in media, as can be seen in the chart below:

The number of messages per day:



Mainly, the same messages belonging to Leshchenko and other People’s Deputies were broadcasted. Additionally, the delivery of information has been imbalanced. The interviewees were often from the same party: Maxim Burbak and Pavlo Pinzenik from People’s Front, Oleh Liashko (Radical Party) who were harshly criticizing Leshchenko. On the other hand, the representatives of Petro Poroshenko Bloc were more making more tolerant claims, as Oleksii Honcharenko.

The content analysis of media publications revealed that only one holding completely ignored this scandal on its media resources. It was Inter Media Group, belonging to Dmytro Firtash and Sergii Liovochkin. On TV channel Inter there was, however, a short message concerning the issue, and it was, in fact, advocating Leshchenko.

Podrobnosti website (a popular website belonging to Inter Media Group) has also lacked the information concerning this topic.

If we talk only about those TV channels, radio and printed media that belong to such holding as “1+1 Media” (belonging to Igor Kolomoyskyi), Renat Ahmetov’s “Ukraina Media Group”, and Channel 24 of Andrii Sadovyi, and channel 112, then the content analysis shows, that this scandal was presented with references to negative commentaries of experts.

Relatively loyal messages concerning Leshchenko were dramatically outnumbered by those with the negative tone (12 vs. 39). More positive and moderate were journalists from media holding belonging to Viktor Pinchuk – UMH Group and StarLight Media.

(interactive report)

The most media holdings, according to Semantrum, presented the information about this scandal neutrally, without any deviations.

The content analysis has been conducted with the help of data retrieved from Semantrum. Ukrainian TV channels and radio, central and regional printed media, as well as Internet media portals and social networks.