In the period from 5.09 to 11.09, the number of messages in media concerning Ukrainian mayors had grown, comparing to that of the preceding week: 4274 messages versus 3568.

This has become evident from the data retrieved from Ukrainian TV channels, radio, printed and internet media sources, and social networks, using the online system Semantrum. Weekly rankings include TOP 5 mayors from regional centers according to the number of references in the media.

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, has been mentioned more frequently (1810 vs. 1717), whereas his colleague from Lviv, Andrii Sadovyi, got significantly less attention (289 vs. 407). Hardly anything has changed about Henadii Trukhanov, mayor of Odessa (653 vs. 650). Notably, these mayors managed to hold their positions on our top-list.

Speaking about Henadii Kernes (Kharkiv) who held the 2nd position the previous week with 674 references, now ranks 5, with being mentioned only 234 times this week. He has been replaced by his colleague from Dnipro, Boris Filatov, who has been mentioned a significant number of times this week – 1291, compared to 118 the week before.

Topics from the previous week that allowed Boris Filatov to climb up and reach the 2nd place of our ranking:

  • His commentary concerning the parliament decision about Kyiv hosting Eurovision 2017: “They’ve been courting disaster by making all this mess about choosing the host city, knowing from the very beginning that they would never let the financial flows go to the regional centers. Phew. And I feel sorry for Odessa-mama (a warm way of referring to Odessa). Shame and profanation”, wrote Filatov on his personal Facebook page.
  • The Dnipro city council cancelled city’s ‘brotherly’ relationships with such Russian cities as Samara, Krasnoyarsk, and Ulan-Ude.
  • Screenshot of private correspondence between Filatov and a father of one of the Dnipro’s schoolboys, where the mayor of Dnipro wrote: “What if you stop playing the ape and quit writing these heinous insinuations? There is a real problem with school-books because of the typography’s being overloaded. Maybe, it is about time you start f**king start teaching your children that to be a scrounger is no good? Or what, it is hard for you to buy your kid school-books?”
  • Mayor’s participation in celebrating the day of the city.
  • The fraction ‘Opposition Bloc’ in the Dnipro city council stated that Boris Filatov and his deputy has been letting refuse lorries from Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions offload in the city for several months now.
  • Filatov asserted that he has calmly perceived the news about Sergii Leshchenko’s (a deputy from Verkhovna Rada) buying a new flat, since “he died” for him 2 years ago, when referred to “voluntary forces” as to “private armies of Kadyrov”.

Media ranking has been composed using the data retrieved from the Semantrum-system. Ukrainian TV channels, radio, printed and web-media, as well as social networks, take part in the process of monitoring.