“95 Kvartal” – a famous Ukrainian TV comic show literally meaning block 95.

On 11 September, the Ukrainian media got hyped by the new topic – a discussion of 95 Kvartal’s jokes and Vladimir Zelenskiy and their performance at festival “Made in Ukraina” recently held in Latvia. The festival itself took place in July, but it became a number 1 topic of the discussion only now, after its broadcast on Ukrainian television. Those who discuss this festival especially did not like the joke about Ukraine, in which it was compared to a prostitute.

There are uttered completely controversial opinions concerning the issue in media and social networks. The way this topic has been perceived by the Ukrainian media holdings has been analyzed with the help of our Semantrum system. The outcome of the analysis helped us understand how the opinions divided exactly.

In the course of analysis different sources such as TV items, radio programs, printed and electronic media, have been used. The process of data-collection lasted from 11 till 14 September. Totally, the number of collected publications from different types of media equals 807. The information from media resources that belong to media holding has undergone the most detailed analysis.

The content analysis found that the most attention to the subject was paid by media resources belonging to such media holdings: RBC-Ukraine (Iosif Pintus), 1+1 Media (Igor Kolomoyskiy), web-site of TV channel 24 (family of Andrii Sadovyi), Media International Group (Vadim Rabinovich). Viktor Pinchuk’s StarLight Media referred to this issue on channel ICTV in very negative light.

(Below is an interactive report)

Semantrum worked out a loyalty rating of different media resources to the jokes of the show “95 Kvartal”. While composing this rating both negative and positive references have been used. The most loyal channel appeared to be channel 24 (family on Andrii Sadovyi), and media resources of media holdings 1+1 Media (Igor Kolomoyskiy) and “Vesti Ukraine”. No publications in the negative tone have been found there. The most lavish with praise was Igor Kolomoyskiy’s 1+1 Media. In order to highlight the issue, it used not only its websites but also “1+1” Channel.

Media holding “State of Ukraine” appeared to be the most disloyal media resource. Even though this issue was not highlighted on its websites, its exclusively negative messages made this holding the leading one in the rating of the most disloyal resources. This rating can be found at the “UkrInform” webpage.

Media-rating was composed with the help of Semantrum system. Ukrainian TV channels, radio, central and regional paper and electronic media were used in the process of monitoring.