The intersectoral industrial association “Radiocommittee” has released the results of the third wave of research on radio listening in 2016, conducted by TNS Ukraine in the cities of Ukraine with a population of more than 50 thousand people.

The survey lasted from June 20 to September 25, 2016. The inhabitants of Ukrainian cities with a population of 50 thousand +, aged 12 to 65, have taken part in it, with a sample being 10 381 respondents.

The third wave has not demonstrated any global change or rotation in radio listening. According to the coordinator of “Radiocommittee” Vitaliy Gorduzenko,  the average weekly radio coverage as a whole has shown the same quarterly dynamics as it did in the previous three years. Usually, this index is higher in the second and third quarters than in the first and fourth ones.

“It should be noted that the average weekly coverage this year is significantly lower than in previous years. However, the dynamics of the quarterly ratings (rate % / AQH%) generally does not differ from the dynamics of previous years in terms of both season and coverage. Thus, we can see that radio is a stable and easily predictable source of media, and as it is known, stability boosts trust,”  Mr. Gorduzenko said.

Advertisers have also taken notice of this stability.

According to the executive of the advertising agency RADIOExpert Lyubov Rohach, the forecasts made by the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition concerning the increase in a share radio occupied in the advertising market in 2016 have been confirmed – it did reach 9%.

“The biggest investments in radio have been made in the following segments: pharmaceuticals, hygiene, entertainment, commerce and transport. The number of requests for placement on radio has also increased significantly. The share of new clients of radio also grows, this can be found especially in the segment of e-commerce,”  says Mrs. Rogach.

The highest positions in TOP-10 are secured by Hit FM, Lux FM, Russkoe Radio Ukraine and Retro FM. As for rating, Russkoe Radio Ukraine has climbed on a higher position as compared to the previous wave, leaving behind “Chanson” and “Lux FM”.

Hit FM is ranked the first, both in terms of rating and coverage. As for rating, the bottom in TOP-10 is occupied by “Nashe Radio”, and in terms of coverage – “Radio Roks”.


“The audience of radio is comprised of people with an average income (35%), income above average (27%), and those who own a car (59%). Apart from these, active Internet users traditionally also listen to radio (76%). ”

RadioResearch survey was conducted by TNS Ukraine which drew on a method of computerized telephone survey – Dayafterrecall CATI (DAR CATI), and was commissioned by the intersectoral industrial association “Radiocommittee”. The inhabitants of Ukrainian cities with a population of 50 thousand +, aged 12 to 65 years, have taken part in it. The survey covered the period between June 20 and September 25, 2016.

Source: NAM