The Press Office of the media holding “Vesti Ukraine”  has published a press release concerning its stance on the recent developments:


“To date, in Ukraine, mass media with an alternative point of view and objective criticism of the government have been put in tight conditions of survival. Pro-government speakers are encouraged, while opposition media are punished for any fault.

Because of the unpredictable policies of regulatory bodies, the lack of transparent rules of the game, the application of dual standards in relation to market players, the media holding has decided to stop broadcasting of the UBR channel.

“We develop our each media resource based on business expediency. In the situation where there is a constant turbulence in the business sphere in Ukraine, bias to the holding’s licensed assets and groundless accusations of the National Council, development and further movement have no prospects. However, we intend to implement the global trend – video first – in our brand-new project,” Olga Semchenko, the president of the media holding  “Vesti Ukraine”, said.

The holding will focus on prioritization of its digital-resources, strengthening  of the market standing of the newspaper “Vesti” and the struggle for the right of “Radio Vesti” to broadcast.

We remind that the National Council blocks the expansion of the network of “Radio Vesti” and the changes in the concepts of its programs without reasonable cause. The radio station contested this decision in court and won the proceedings. In September this year, the National Council for the second time declined the holding’s request for the extension of  the broadcasting network “Radio Vesti”. Officials then maintained that this was because of violations during the competition of radio frequencies which Media Holding Company won with the concept of the entertaining music radio. In September, the National Council refused to extend the license of the holding’s “Stylny Radio”  which expired on June 7th and was consequently canceled.”