Whom do Ukrainian media mention most often?

About whom of current politicians or famous people Ukrainian journalists write most, and who is mentioned most often in the Ukrainian media? On the Day of Journalism we put these questions to the online media monitoring and content analysis system Semantrum. We were particularly interested in retrieving information of the current year, that is, for January-May 2017, and from the following types of media: Ukrainian TV, radio, print media and Ukrainian Internet media.

Since the Semantrum system can independently identify any person mentioned in texts, it was rather simple task for it to deliver. As a result, we got the following picture: the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, was mentioned most often in the media, winning by a big margin over the second place. The second and third places were occupied by the presidents of two other important countries – Vladimir Putin of Russia and Donald Trump of the US respectively (see “Media ranking of persons: January-May 2017, all types of media” graph).

Among the Top-10 most mentioned people in the Ukrainian media there were two more foreigners – former US President Barack Obama (5th place) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (9th place).

There were also some more Ukrainians among the Top-10: Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman (4th place), Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko (6th place), former President Viktor Yanukovich (7th place), Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov (8th place) and Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko (10th place).

Media ranking of persons: January-May 2017, all types of media

However, the ranking has been changing over months according to the data retrieved. For example, in January 2017 Ukrainian mass media wrote more about the US president than about Poroshenko (66390 against 57565 references respectively). Mostly attention was drawn towards Donald Trump’s inauguration and comments on future US-Ukraine relations.

Among the Top-10 there were also ranked Roman Nasirov, Rinat Akhmetov, Valeriya Gontareva, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Syrian President Bashar Assad, head of the Donetsk Military and Civilian Administration Pavel Zhebrivsky, MP Nadiya Savchenko, and Denis Voronenkov – former Russian MP, killed earlier this year.

Interestingly, in the Ukrainian-language media in the period of January-May the second place was held by Trump and not Putin, although by a small margin. And instead of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among the most-mentioned people there was ranked Oleg Lyashko (see “Media ranking of people: January-May 2017, Ukrainian-language media” graph).

Media ranking of persons: January-May 2017, Ukrainian-language media

If you look at the Top-10 people mentioned in the Ukrainian press, then it becomes clear that journalists of printed media were more focused on Ukrainian officials. In Top-3 only Putin was mentioned from all foreigners, while Trump was on the 5th place. And there were no more foreigners in this Top-10.

The first and second places were held by Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Groisman. Printed media also put businessman Rinat Akhmetov and MP Yulia Tymoshenko on the Top-10 list, though they were absent in the TOP-10s of other types of mass media.

If you look at the monthly rankings, then you will see that in the “printed” Top-10 there were also Dmytro Vovk, Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Igor Nasalik.

Media ranking of persons: January-May 2017, printed media

  All rankings were provided by the Semantrum media monitoring and content analysis system during January-May 2017. If you have any question regarding the ranking methodology, please contact: info@semantrum.net.

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