The more languages you know, the more you are “Semantrum”: the company will now provide services in Chinese.

Semantrum has launched a Chinese version of the online system of media monitoring and the website of the company.


From now on, users will be able to monitor Chinese resources, including Internet media and print media, to customize the system’s interface, to determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of representation of a brand, organization or individual in the Chinese media space and to receive email messages in Chinese.

The company now provides services of making regular analytical media reports and one-time in-depth analysis of Chinese-language media space. At the same time, the objects of this analysis can be Chinese-language resources, as well as Ukrainian, Russian and English-language media.

By exploring information on the website of the company, the Chinese-speaking audience now can learn about the benefits of the system, evaluate its  practical functionality and request trial access.

From now on, Chinese companies that plan to work in the Ukrainian market or those that are already established here, will have an access to the tools which enable analysis of what Ukrainian media write about them now or whenever in the last 20 years. On the other hand, Ukrainian enterprises working in the Chinese market will be able to monitor and analyze what information about them is highlighted in Chinese media.


Semantrum is an online-service of media monitoring and content analysis of various types of media in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Chinese and other languages. It applies technologies of Big Data and machine learning that enable structuring of data arrays in real time according to a number of criteria; every message automatically targets objects (brands, companies, persons etc.) and links between them and displays their sentiment. The processed data can be visualized in the form of diagrams, interactive infographics or dashboards.