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Monitor messages, comments, in relation to authors.

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Analysis of informational attacks

Not only it is important to understand victim of an attack, but also a source of an attack and its motives

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Main sources of negative information about people

Create online relations

Friends, likes, sensitive analysis

sources are in online-service Semantrum
of Ukrainian media write about Government Officials
of government officials should be controlled

Dynamics of number of government officials and local state officials in Ukraine

The data from National bureau of statistics in Ukraine

Administrative and Civil service reforms in Ukraine

Reform of Civil Service

On May 1, 2016 came into force the Law of Ukraine “On civil service”.

The implementation of civil service reform is in process until 2019.

The main innovation is the introduction of open competitions for positions in public service, which will make special commission with participation of the public.

The law introduces the independence of officials from political activity, gradually depriving them from special pensions, but gradually increasing their wages.


On September 1 National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP) introduced a system of electronic income declaration for officials with the obligatory full verification of declarations.

The e-declaration is a declaration of income, real estate, vehicle, and expenses.

At the same time there are new sections such as construction in progress, intangible assets, beneficial ownership in legal entities and property, membership in public associations and their organs, part-time jobs.

The introduction of electronic declaration is one of the conditions for Ukraine to receive visa-free regime with the EU and loans from IMF.

Semantrum collects and analyzes public information about government officials of Ukraine


Government Officials Database


Media monitoring of government official


Links between Officials and organizations

Monitor messages about corruption

Information about Elected Officials

Monitor expenditures of elected officials through media

“Ukrainian Government” – joint project with LIGA:ZAKON

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    Branches of Ukrainian Government
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    Database includes government branches, officials, website and profiles in social networks
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    Regulatory documents that control government branches

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